Walking Crab Bath Toy

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Pet that you can take for a walk and bath together!
Good companion & Best Friend for children

Life is supposed to be fun!
Spark the creativity and imaginative minds of young children.
Allow children to have a coolest pet with all the love and none of the hassle.

Children's happiness is Priceless and we all want to see that treasure. 

Giving them this cutest friend will bring utmost joy to them. 


Bath time has never been so fun for our little angels.

  • Fun and bright colors and shapes stimulate kid's senses and high contrast supports early development.
  • Best companion for kids.Ensure hygiene and safety.
  • Float on water and move effortlessly.
  • Made from BPA free materials


  • Material :Plastic/plastic
  • The structure is firm and stable, strong and impact resistant, which can accompany the small owner for a long time.
  • The innovative mechanical structure requires no batteries and can float by rotating the clockwork clockwise.
  • Soft surface treatment without flash and burr, to ensure no edges and corners will not hurt the children.