Electric Head Lice Comb - Removes Lice and Eggs

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The Lice Comb is a revolutionary device that incorporated both a combing and vacuum function to effectively eliminate traces of head lice and eggs. In addition to being both 100% chemical and allergen free, it is also guaranteed to operated seamlessly on all hair types without creating a mess. 

  • CHEMICAL FREE AND PESTICIDE FREE - Natural lice treatment for the whole family. The V-Comb is a natural lice comb and FDA registered device, which instantly vacuums head lice and eggs (nits) INCLUDING SUPER LICE!
  • EASY TO USE - ALL LICE AND EGGS CAPTURED IN THE DISPOSABLE CAPTURE FILTER, which allows secure and eek-free disposable. 4 Capture filters come in the box!

  • BEST LICE COMB FOR YOUR FAMILY AND PETS- From early lice detection to regular check ups for head lice, The V-Comb is the most technologically advance natural lice comb on the market
  • SMOOTH AND GENTLE ON SCALP - Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angles as well as a compact and ergonomic designed electronic head lice comb

WELL AGAINST SUPER LICE! The current epidemic of super lice (lice that have become immune to common chemical treatments) are being found throughout the United States and have developed immunities to typical lice treatment kits and lice shampoo. Use this head lice comb to eradicate super lice !

  • 100% Chemical & Allergen free head lice treatment
  • Hygenic & Completely Mess Free
  • disposable head light capture filter
  • LED illuminated filter unit AC powered device
  • Effectively Elliminated Head Lice & Eggs detects & prevents head lice re-infestation
  • rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angels
  • compact and ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean for regular head lice treatment
  • Patented Innovative Technology


Nominal input: 110-240VAC 50-60Hz
Output score: 5VDC 1A
Protection level: IP22
Operating temperature / humidity: 5-40 / RH 15% -93%
Storage temperature / humidity: -25-70 / RH 5% -93%
V-shaped comb teeth size: about 2x0.63inch 5.1x1.6cm
V-shaped comb size: approximately 8.46x2.56x2.56 inches 21.5x6.5x6.5 cm
Cable length: about 70.87 inches 180 cm
Weight: 0.78 pounds, 355 grams
Package size: about 22.8x13.4x20.1 inches x 34x58x51 cm