Home-made Donut Maker

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Great news for all donuts lovers out there! Now making your favorite donuts can be easy at home. This Donuts Maker does not require professional skills for you to create pro-looking donuts. (Delicious recipe comes with the donut maker)
This easy-to-do donut maker is every donut lover’s dream! It allows you to dispense dough in even sizes. Saves you so much time and effort. Get a good bite of delicious donut in no time.
Made of premium ABS materials , it is non-toxic and durable to use. Ideal for donuts lovers who would like to have them at home. Enjoy whatever flavors your like freely!

From now on you won’t need to grab the sweet snack from that expensive shop anymore. Do it at home even without professional skills! Surprise your family and friends and take amazing photos for the gram! Enjoy home-made treats with professional “O” donut quality! 

Tips for best using experience of this donut dough dispenser
  • Coat the mouth and inner surface of the donuts maker with some oil for smoother release of the dough;
  • Pour the material into the donut maker instead of scooping them discontinuously to avoid mess;
  • Hold the dispenser close to the surface of the oil so that the batter can keep in beautiful shape. Wear heat-resistant gloves for safer operation
  • Material: Premium ABS plastic 
  • Diameter: 9.5 cm/3.74"
  • Height: 18 cm/7.09"